Commitment to Ethical Business Conduct

As a nonprofit organization that seeks to serve its mission in an ethical manner, Evident Change encourages all employees, members of the Board of Directors, contractors and consultants, authorized representatives, and all others acting on behalf of the organization to report business concerns that include but are not limited to: privacy, security, fraud, conflicts of interest, and accounting improprieties.  

How to Report Concerns Regarding Integrity and Ethical Business Conduct

If you do not work for Evident Change, or if you are an employee and feel uncomfortable reporting the issue to another staff member, you can report concerns by phone, website, or email.

English-speaking: (844) 990-0070

Spanish-speaking: (800) 216-1288


Email: (include Evident Change’s name with report)

Both Evident Change policy and the law strictly prohibit any form of retaliation for honest reporting of suspected misconduct. However, Evident Change does not tolerate rude, offensive, graphic, or threatening communications of any kind, whether made anonymously or directly.  Intentionally dishonest or abusive reporting will be investigated.