Correctional Assessment and Intervention System™ (CAIS)

The Correctional Assessment and Intervention System™ (CAIS) is a supervision model that weaves together a risk assessment and a needs assessment in one face-to-face assessment interview. The interview helps the worker and the individual build rapport while helping the worker to understand the individual, particularly their motivations for behavior.

CAIS™ helps workers identify the important issues they will face during supervision. Focusing on behavioral motivations increases the chances for potential for success. Seven separate evaluations of the CAIS supervision assessment (formerly known as Client Management Classification or CMC) by separate researchers in five states have found a significant reduction in recidivism.

Based on the risk and needs assessment, CAIS provides concrete supervision strategies and recommends programs most likely to produce success. Gender-specific program and supervision recommendations for women are also part of CAIS. In facilities and residential settings, CAIS helps direct housing and program assignments, reducing conflict and producing a safer and more stable environment for both staff and residents.

The risk assessment used in the CAIS system is research based and has been employed and validated widely across the United States. As part of each CAIS implementation project, Evident Change validates the risk instrument periodically and customizes the instrument for each agency to ensure it optimally classifies cases.

CAIS can lead to more effective and efficient use of worker time and lessens a person’s time on supervision, which, in the long term, may produce smaller caseloads and more time for people who most require services and supervision.

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