At Evident Change, we conduct research to improve social systems. Our broad range of research capabilities and expertise offers a variety of ways for agencies and organizations to help their clients more effectively. We conduct research in adult corrections, juvenile justice, child welfare, education, adult protection, and poverty/economic support. Our work is guided by the themes of systems collaboration, prevention, racial parity, gender responsiveness, and equitable treatment across sexual orientations.

Research and data must be approached ethically and humanely. When effectiveness and impact can be measured through ethical research and data, it becomes possible to pinpoint exactly what is working and what is not, and how to design programs that truly support those who they are meant to serve. The expert professionals working within the system can recreate those successes and disseminate them so that more people can benefit.

Evident Change has conducted research in social service systems for over 100 years, using data and evidence to get to the root of complex challenges. We collaborate with government agencies, community organizations, and foundations, specializing in applied research that supports organizations to become more effective and equitable for the benefit of those they serve.

Our staff are experts in identifying research questions and can work with you to identify the research needs of your agency or organization. For more information, please contact us.