Systems professionals deserve evidence-based support and tools.

People working in our social systems have a deep commitment to service and need tools to identify, understand, and correct inequities or inefficiencies in their work. When given a set of evidence-based criteria with which to make critical decisions, they can better meet the needs of the people they serve and help ensure the system is fair and equitable.

Evident Change provides tools for assessment, planning, and reporting in adult justice, juvenile justice, child welfare, and adult protective service agencies. At the center of many Evident Change systems is a customized risk assessment that helps agencies identify people most in need of assistance, which helps them direct resources to where they can have the greatest impact in preventing negative outcomes.

Structured Decision Making® (SDM) System

The SDM system pairs actuarial assessments with structured tools and engagement strategies to create a comprehensive practice model for service delivery. SDM systems help workers make consistent, reliable, and equitable decisions, along with enabling agency administrators to track outcomes and measure compliance.

JAIS™ (Juvenile Assessment and Intervention System)

JAIS is a gender-responsive, evidence-based approach to the supervision of youth that offers staff an effective, easy-to-use interface. JAIS provides specific supervision strategies based on a youth’s underlying motivation for behavior. For administrators and managers, JAIS provides the ability to easily monitor agency data through reports that summarize the risk and needs profiles of youth served as well as helping to identify staff training or resource needs.

CAIS™ (Correctional Assessment and Intervention System)

CAIS is a comprehensive, evidence-based approach to supervising adults. Just as JAIS does for youth, CAIS can help agencies work effectively to improve outcomes for justice-involved clients while maximizing the limited resources of staff time and access to treatment programs.

Customized Risk and Needs Assessment

Evident Change can also work with you to construct valid and reliable risk and needs assessments for use in your agency.