Community Response Guide

Evident Change’s Community Response Guide helps communities collaboratively develop accurate, equitable child protection reporting practices tailored to their needs.

The public, online guide includes decision trees for neglect or abuse concerns, linked to a regularly updated roster of local prevention agencies. The result is a real-time decision aid that helps reporters and concerned community members understand and consider the range of local options to help families.

The guide benefits everyone:

  • Reporters have clear support for their decisions.
  • Prevention providers and the community at large understand their responsibility for supporting children and families.
  • CPS agencies receive the most appropriate reports.
  • Families are more likely to receive the support they need without unnecessary intervention.
  • Communities can better support their members without unnecessary entries into the CPS system when appropriate to do so.

For more information on Evident Change’s community response guides, contact Phil Decter, Director of Child Welfare, at (800) 306-6223.