Steps to Equity™ Model

Evident Change provides equity training to help individuals and groups create capacity, accountability, and sustainability toward increased equity and reduced disparities.

equity training Learn Tools and Skills to create equitable policies, practices, and infrastructure; navigate challenging conversations; deliver services equitably

Many organizations want to create an equitable workplace culture and to infuse equity into their programs or services. Setting these goals is an important first step. However, turning great intentions into an understanding and practice of equity can be harder. To help organizations close this gap, Evident Change created the Steps to Equity™ model.

The Steps to Equity™ model helps organizations build their capacity to do equity work that informs cultures and transforms systems. Within a customized curriculum, the model guides organizations in delivering equitable services to clients and partners. It also supports staff to gain understanding and create shared accountability for equity practices and principles.

Customized Curriculum

Steps to Equity™ helps you build concrete, practical skills and strategies to address inequities and the impacts of bias and oppression in the workplace. The model’s education, discussion, and practice sessions are tailored to the specific needs of your organization and staff. Our experienced Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) department staff collaborate with you to learn exactly where your organization is and where you want to be.

Focus areas include:

  • Assessing your organization’s equity baseline and goals
  • Dominant culture values in our society and how they operate in organizations
  • Understanding systemic, structural, interpersonal, and personal implications of structural oppression through the lens of race
  • Internalized racial oppression and superiority, and the cycle of liberation
  • Equity principles and strategies for applying them in your workplace
  • Building authentic relationships, engagement, and accountability using equity principles
  • Differentiating bias and prejudice, and their impact in the workplace
  • Strategies to mitigate bias
  • Identifying and addressing microaggressions in the workplace
  • Collective strategies for operationalizing equity in your organization
  • Organization-specific strategies, next steps, and collective thinking
  • Creating and monitoring long-term benchmarks

Train Your Staff

As part of the model, we offer two train-the-trainer sessions so that learning can be sustained over time within your organization. These sessions include strategies for:

  • Presenting materials that align with organizational equity goals
  • Facilitating difficult discussions
  • Building capacity of facilitators to deliver equity content

In Person and Virtual

The Steps to Equity modules can be delivered in person or virtually. The complexity of the content has its best outcomes when delivered in person, but to ensure its accessibility, virtual options are possible. In-person sessions generally take slightly longer because of the opportunity for collective discussion.

Leadership and Collaboration

Led by Evident Change’s experienced Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) department, the Steps to Equity model invites collaboration to understand where your organization is now and what you need to get where you want to be. We will help you build on what you are doing well and get you moving on the path to more equitable outcomes and workplace culture.

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