Age-related declines in decision making in older adulthood are well-documented, and they can harm the financial, physical, and psychological health of older adults. Because of this, gaining insights into what can protect them against (or make them vulnerable to) poor decision making is important.

This webinar, which summarizes recent research findings from Rush University Medical Center, examines the factors that can affect the quality of financial- and health care-related decision making of older adults and their susceptibility to scams. The presentation will also discuss the implications of the findings for researchers, practitioners, and policymakers. (Materials: slide presentation)


Olivia M. Valdes is a senior research analyst for the FINRA Investor Education Foundation. In this role, she leads and conducts research projects to better understand and advance the financial well-being of adults in the United States. Valdes earned her BA from the University of South Florida and her PhD in experimental psychology from Florida Atlantic University.

Patricia Boyle is a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences and a neuropsychologist with the Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center in Chicago. Boyle earned her PhD from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and completed her internship and postdoctoral fellowship at Brown University. Her research focuses on the prevention of cognitive and functional decline in old age.