Santa Clara County Probation Department Enhanced Ranch Program: Rehabilitation Aftercare Program

In 2006, Santa Clara County Probation Department (SCCPD) implemented programming to improve outcomes for youth offenders detained at the William F. James Boys Ranch. The evidence-based cognitive behavior model, titled the Enhanced Ranch Program, serves some of the county’s most heavily entrenched juvenile offenders. The enhanced programming changed the way in which SCCPD provides services to juvenile offenders and incorporates innovative methods to improve outcomes for youth. Although the programming thus far has provided very positive results, SCCPD also recognized that there were limitations, particularly in regards to the aftercare component. An evaluation of the program indicated that it failed to provide youth recently released from custody the support, services, and supervision needed to successfully transition back into the community. 

In 2012, SCCPD commissioned NCCD to evaluate these changes and document the history and program development process. NCCD also examined RAP implementation and whether the reforms improved outcomes for youth participants, particularly in regard to reducing probation violations and new arrests.