Why It’s So Hard to Find Accurate Policing Data

July 27, 2020 | by Hana Schank | Fast Company

police data

“The very nature of policing means that the data coming into the system, if it’s not automated or the system isn’t user-friendly, will always be lacking,” says Clarence Wardell in a new article by Fast Company. A member of the NCCD Board of Directors, Wardell cofounded the White House Police Data Initiative in 2015—an effort to use open data as a means to increase trust and engagement between law enforcement and the communities they serve. But police departments are often locked into long-term contracts with vendors that might not offer or market streamlined data collection systems. When police departments have the funding to invest in new technology, they are drawn to “cool new toys” like body cameras or drones. For more on this issue, read the full article, here.