SafeMeasures® Helps North Carolina County Improve Child Safety and Support

November 3, 2021 | by Evident Change

Young, African American girl on swing

A new publication from the Annie E. Casey Foundation reports on the successful efforts of Mecklenburg County [North Carolina] Youth and Family Services Division (YSF) to improve child and family well-being. Those efforts included investing in SafeMeasures®, a data reporting and analysis tool created by Evident Change, to meet the desire of YSF staff to improve their access to agency data and use that data to better understand the children and families they serve.

In the past, agency data were used mostly by supervisors and upper management, and YSF child welfare workers were not able to access it. SafeMeasures produces management reports that allow all staff to analyze their data and use that data to target the greatest needs and achieve the greatest impact. YSF rolled out the service in 2017, and by 2020 the agency was using 43 unique SafeMeasures reports to help workers with decision making.

SafeMeasures implementation at YSF included Evident Change tools and training for staff at all levels and a training-for-trainers model so that YSF staff can now train their own staff to use the service.

Read the full Annie E. Casey Foundation report on Mecklenburg County here. Learn more about SafeMeasures here.