Ramsey County Program Turns to Data to Find and Help At-Risk Students

May 6, 2018 | by Anthony Lonetree | Star Tribune

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NCCD will partner in a project to identify students in St. Paul, Minnesota, who are at high risk for delinquency. Once identified, these students will receive interventions and support designed to keep them out of the juvenile justice system. The Ramsey County Attorney’s Office is heading up the project, and NCCD will help develop a system to determine the factors that lead to illegal behavior. Various entities have worked to start up the project over the past four years; just last week they moved one step closer when the final school district involved signed on to the joint powers board, which will allow for student data sharing. An initial grant application for the project noted that the cost of educating a child for one year is $10,258, while the cost to “lock that same child up” is $48,877 per year. Read the Star Tribune article for more information. For another article on the same topic, click here.