New Research Fellow Focuses on Mandated Reporting

New Research Fellow Focuses on Mandated Reporting

March 31, 2021 | by Evident Change

María Gandarilla Ocampo

María Gandarilla Ocampo, MSW, is a new research fellow at Evident Change. A third-year social work doctoral student at Washington University, St. Louis, she brings her expertise to Evident Change when thinking through mandated reporting and other evaluation designs. Always up on the latest literature, Gandarilla Ocampo also brings her personal experience as a former practicing social worker in California.

Gandarilla Ocampo’s research interests involve child maltreatment epidemiology and child welfare policy, with a focus on mandated reporting policies and their role in bringing families, particularly families of color, to interact with child welfare systems.

Her current work involves evaluating child maltreatment prevention strategies aimed at strengthening families and preventing future interaction with child protective services. Additionally, Gandarilla Ocampo is engaging in research on 1) the impact of report source on child welfare outcomes (substantiation, foster care entry, and recurrence); 2) evaluated-out maltreatment reports; and 3) the relationship between state partisanship and child welfare policies and outputs.

A Spencer QCM Scholar at the Institute in Critical Quantitative, Computational, and Mixed Methodologies, Gandarilla Ocampo values the unique strengths and contributions of quantitative and qualitative research methods. Gandarilla Ocampo hopes to engage in mixed-methods research that informs the development and implementation of policies and interventions that prevent child maltreatment, bolster families, and promote child well-being.

Gandarilla Ocampo received her BASW and MSW from the California State University, Long Beach School of Social Work. She has worked as a case manager for families experiencing homelessness, an emergency response social worker with families interacting with child welfare systems, and as a medical social worker with individuals and families receiving end-of-life care.