Inside Mandated Reporting Reform in Los Angeles County

Inside Mandated Reporting Reform in Los Angeles County

July 20, 2023 | by Jeremy Loudenback | The Imprint

Tamara Hunter, director of the county’s Commission for Children and Families

Los Angeles County has partnered with Evident Change to transform the role of mandated reporters and improve outcomes for families.

Dr. Tamara Hunter, executive director of the Los Angeles County Commission for Children and Families, was interviewed about LA County’s Mandated Supporting Initiative, which will incorporate a new decision-support tool. “Research has shown that decisions made by mandated reporters are often inconsistent, inaccurate, and influenced by bias because of a host of factors. Research from the field of decision analysis also indicates that decisions are more sound when they have support in decision-making processes.”

Hunter explained that “we’re working with Evident Change to develop a decision-support tool that we will be implementing here in LA County. Several other jurisdictions, including two other counties in California — San Diego and Humboldt — are currently or will be using the tool, which is designed to help mandated reporters make more accurate, consistent, and equitable reporting decisions about families who have issues that should be elevated to the attention of [the Department of Children and Family Services] and families who may just need help.”

The community response guide is one part of a multi-pronged strategy that also includes monitoring data, improving training for reporters, and changing the culture of reporting to connect families with community services when possible.

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