Distraught Over Orders to Investigate Trans Kids’ Families, Texas Child Welfare Workers Are Resigning

April 11, 2022 | by Eleanor Klibanoff | Texas Tribune

Morgan Davis and Randa Mulanax standing outside near a river.

An already overtaxed workforce is losing caseworkers following Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s directive to investigate parents of children receiving transgender medical care. One caseworker in Austin, Texas, put in his two-week notice after he was required to investigate a family with a transgender child. “It was just heartbreaking to me, to everyone, to see what we were doing, to see what we had become,” he said. Nothing in his investigation indicated abuse or neglect, yet the case wasn’t dropped. Staff for the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services said they need their jobs and that they worry about child safety as the number of caseworkers declines; however, some say their morals will not allow them to stay. Read the full article here. Additional stories on the topic can be read here and here.