What We Know book cover and author, Vivian Nixon

What I Learned From “What We Know”

December 8, 2021 | Vivian D. Nixon

People who live with the burden of criminal conviction don’t usually have the opportunity to demonstrate our human value to the society whose justice system deemed us unfit to live...

Only a Mile and a Big World Apart 

November 18, 2021 | Dwight Watkins

“Only a Mile and a Big World Separated Us” tells the story of two kids from the east side of Baltimore. The first is me, a Black guy who grew...

A scene from the film, Unadopted, Noel Anaya reading from a piece of paper

A Childhood Spent in Foster Care Informs Award-Winning Film

November 11, 2021 | Noel Anaya

I turned 21 in 2017, which was a pivotal year for me. It could go one of two ways: I could either get what felt like a forced divorce because...

Illustration of a man sitting with his head down, looking sad

Reporting and Comic Combine for Powerful Piece on Pretrial Monitoring

November 3, 2021 | Text by Steenz and Aaron Miguel Cantú, Illustrated by Steenz

Reporter Aaron Miguel Cantú and illustrator Steenz teamed up to create When Innocent Until Proven Guilty Costs $400 a Month—and Your Freedom, which won the journalism category in the 2021...

Gilda Sheppard, image from Since I Been Down

Film Goes Inside Washington State Prison to Discover Humanity

October 26, 2021 | Gilda Sheppard

“The role of the artist is like a lover. If I love you, I have to make you conscious of things you don’t see.” ― James Baldwin On my last...

Logo for the podcast

Podcast Creator Re-Focuses His Hustle

October 13, 2021 | Aaron Smith

Entrepreneurship has been an innate desire for me since childhood. Growing up on the South Side of Chicago, entrepreneurs were called “hustlers” and the products offered were an assortment of illegal...

African American woman on phone at her desk

Keeping Children Safe Is Everyone’s Mandate

October 13, 2021 | Evident Change

“Better safe than sorry.” That sentiment likely explains why 43% of community members surveyed had called the New Hampshire Division for Children, Youth and Families (DCYF) Child Protective Services (CPS)...

No way out, Covid behind bars

Many Take Risks to Expose Prison System’s COVID-19 Response

September 30, 2021 | Keri Blakinger

The genesis of No Way Out: COVID-19 Behind Bars was an angry call from a screaming spokesperson—and WFAA-TV reporter Tanya Eiserer was the unlucky recipient. Because it was a spokesperson...

Elizabeth Hawes

Living Amongst Kindness in Prison

September 22, 2021 | Elizabeth Hawes

A pandemic death count does not show the daily suffering of people who were imprisoned during this time. While a formidable chunk of my work generally revolves around the documentation...

A Look Inside The Prison Within

September 15, 2021 | Katherin Hervey and Erin Kenway

The Prison Within aims to shatter the perception of Us and Them as divided and defined by prison walls—walls designed not only to keep people in, but to keep society...