Black Lives and System Accountability

Black Lives and System Accountability

June 5, 2020 | NCCD


George Floyd. Breonna Taylor. Sean Reed. Ahmaud Arbery. Tony McDade. Botham Jean. Philando Castile. Freddie Gray. Eric Garner. Mike Brown. Tamir Rice. Ezell Ford. 

We say their names, and we grieve their deaths. 

But no one really knows just how many Black people die due to police brutality. Law enforcement and justice agencies are not bound to consistently track and share this information. 

What systems measure reflects what they are willing to be accountable for.

What systems are transparent about reflects who they are willing to be accountable to.

Imagine if “law and order” was a shield used to uphold civil rights and protect our communities rather than a concept weaponized to harm people for political purposes.  

* * * 

We implore law enforcement agencies and personnel, as well as civic leaders and policymakers at all levels, to explicitly pursue racial justice as a responsibility of their office, holding themselves accountable and being transparent with the communities they serve.

We support everyone who bravely challenges police brutality and racial injustice. We know that for Black people and people of color, these activities carry even greater risk.  Whether you are marching in the street, organizing on your block, or simply surviving, we’re with you.

System change demands powerful action like what we are seeing across our nation right now. Our country desperately needs both the pervasive, scalding awareness of injustice and the grit to stay focused until change is realized.  

Stay strong, stay safe, stay healthy, and thank you.



Photo credit: Mike Von via Unsplash