SafeMeasures® Webinar Series: 30 Minutes to Being a Better User

May 31, 2022 | Evident Change

Smiling African American girl swinging on a swing.

Our SafeMeasures® Tips and Tricks webinar series is attracting hundreds of people per session and great feedback from attendees. With its brief format and straightforward approach, each 30-minute webinar packs in a lot of useful information about navigating and using SafeMeasures.

The series is geared toward SafeMeasures users who want to experience the service more thoroughly and efficiently, but it also gives non-users a chance to see how SafeMeasures analyzes and shares an agency’s data to benefit agency staff and clients.

The live webinars are scheduled for every other Tuesday through November 22, 2022. They take place at 11:30 a.m. CDT, and each session is recorded for later access.

Upcoming topics include “It’s All About Me! Tricks and Tips for Using ‘MY’ Features” and “Where’s Waldo? Using the Index to Find Stuff.” See the full list of webinars and mark your calendars. You can join any webinar shortly before it begins. These webinars are hosted by Evident Change’s Stephanie Hillery.