Remembering Debra Greene

Remembering Debra Greene

December 21, 2022 | Erin Hanusa

Debra Greene sitting on a couch in the office.

Evident Change is grieving the loss of Debra Illingworth Greene, who passed away on December 14. 

Debra was an unfailingly optimistic and kind person as well as a generous colleague. She had an expansive capacity for gratitude and delight, and for sharing the same with others. Her sunny demeanor was complemented by serious grit and tenacity.

Debra joined Evident Change in 2011 as an editor. She brought her excellence in editing and writing to bear on Evident Change’s work, quickly becoming a favorite colleague of many due to her thoughtfulness in both her work and her relationships. 

In 2016, Debra became Evident Change’s communications manager. For as many times as Debra’s byline appears on our website, she played an exponentially larger role behind the scenes. Among other things, she collaborated with staff and guest bloggers, ran our social media, and corresponded with all the writers and creators whose work was recognized by the Media for a Just Society Awards. She was a respected supervisor and a beloved member of the communications team.

Debra received her degree in journalism from the University of Kansas in 1988. She worked in the magazine industry as an editor and freelance writer for more than 20 years before joining Evident Change. In addition to her work, she was active in many volunteer roles in her neighborhood and community, always willing to lend a hand.

Debra Greene sitting in a field of lavender.

Debra loved reading, writing, knitting, cooking, eating, live music, color, and travel. She loved her dogs a lot. Most of all, she treasured her family: her husband, Jeff, her children, Ogden and Lilian, and their respective partners, Lizzy and Nate. 

It feels strange to “remember” someone as unforgettable as Debra. So many of us at Evident Change built bonds with her through conversations about parenting, crafting, books, food, music, social justice, pets, and more. She was the kind of person you feel you have a special relationship with, and later realize that she simply makes everyone who knows her feel special.

All of us at Evident Change are deeply grateful to have spent 11 years in Debra’s presence, learning from her humility, humor, and creativity. She will be missed.