Photojournalist Isadora Kosofsky Joins NCCD Conference

June 28, 2016 | NCCD


NCCD is proud to announce that photographer and filmmaker Isadora Kosofsky will join us at our 2016 NCCD Conference on Children, Youth, and Families.

Ms. Kosofsky’s photographs take viewers inside the systems NCCD works in. Her series Vinny and David: Life and Incarceration of a Family explores the experience of Vinny and his family members as they face many challenges, most notably Vinny’s incarceration at age 13. Kosofsky’s intimate photographs show the dimensions of this family’s bonds and barriers. The series Parent-Child Visits illustrates the literal and emotional distances families must travel to reunite with loved ones who are incarcerated. We will explore these photographs and more in a conversation onstage with Ms. Kosofsky at the conference.

Ms. Kosofsky’s work with elders, individuals and families experiencing incarceration, and adults with disabilities has been featured in Time, the Huffington Post, VICE, and more. She is the recipient of the 2015 Flash Forward Award and the 2012 Inge Morath Award, among other honors.

Register today to be part of this event and much more. We look forward to welcoming you in Orange County in October.

Photo © Isadora Kosofsky

Image taken from the photo documentary Vinny and David: Life and Incarceration of a Family