Time-Lapse Video of Photographer’s 24 Hours in Isolation

Michael Mechanic details photographer Richard Ross’s 24 hour in a juvenile isolation cell, complete with time-lapse photography. Ross’s photography project, “Juvenile in Justice,” has documented individuals and facilities across the nation. You can read Wired’s article on Ross’s 24 hours in the cell here.

The Price of Public Violence

The New York Times cites the Defending Childhood Task Force report and task force witness Dr. Ted Corbin in an op-ed today. Watch Dr. Corbin’s testimony to the task force on “Measuring Childhood Exposure to Violence” on our hearing videos page.


NCCD Now: Defending Childhood

America is searching for answers on how to protect children from violence. And though we must work diligently to fill the gaps in our knowledge, we in fact already know a lot. Late last year, a group of national experts provided a blueprint for all of us on how to keep our children safe and…


Supporting Relationships for Recovery and Resilience

The Defending Childhood Task Force’s report discusses trauma from exposure to violence as a priority focus for effective treatment and intervention. One of several witnesses who testified before the task force on this subject was Commissioner Bryan Samuels of the Administration of Children, Youth, and Families. In this guest blog, Commissioner Samuels discusses the importance…


Helping Kids to Speak Out About Violence

Joe Torre is known to millions around the world as a star baseball player and manager. Joe’s contributions, however, reach beyond baseball. His philanthropic and outreach work to educate children, families, and school staff about domestic violence through his Joe Torre Safe At Home® Foundation led Attorney General Eric Holder to appoint Joe co-chair of…


NCCD Commends Appointment of Bob Listenbee as New Administrator of OJJDP

All of us at NCCD were excited to learn about President Obama’s pledge to appoint Bob Listenbee of the Defender Association of Philadelphia as Administrator of the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP). Bob will be the first permanent OJJDP administrator since 2008.


New Blog Post – Protecting All Our Children From Violence

The devastating shooting that occurred last Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT, has touched all of us. In the last few days, we have mourned together in our families, schools, and communities, and nationally via television, radio, and the Internet. This stunning loss of life and innocence cuts deeply, even for those…

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