NCCD Now: A Question of Evidence, Pt. 2

NCCD Now: A Question of Evidence, Pt. 2

January 27, 2017 | NCCD


In 2009, NCCD’s Chris Baird published A Question of Evidence: A Critique of Risk Assessment Models in the Justice System. This paper identified problems with both the logic and research that support many of the risk assessment models used in the adult and juvenile justice systems.

Today, many of the same issues with risk assessment models persist. Baird’s new series, A Question of Evidence: Part Two, discusses where the field finds itself in 2017 as it strives to use evidence to support fair and equitable treatment of justice-involved people. The rise of big data has added new layers to these questions, as have conversations around ethics and predictive analytics.

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Briefs in this series:

A Question of Evidence, Part Two: Introduction

The Generations Myth

Criminogenic Needs

Developing and Validating Risk Assessment Instruments for Justice Agencies

Structured Professional Judgment Models

Summary and Recommendations