NCCD Now: Diversity and Inclusion

NCCD Now: Diversity and Inclusion

May 8, 2017 | NCCD

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For over a century, NCCD has worked to better the social systems designed to protect children, families, and communities. Because an essential part of NCCD’s work is promoting justice and equity within these systems, we as an organization want to embody both of these ideals.

One way to do this is by committing to best practices around equity in the workplace, which NCCD has done by instituting a Diversity and Inclusion Committee. The committee charter spells out NCCD’s intent to be an organization that values all staff members for their unique assets, experiences, and perspectives. The charter also includes a list of objectives and how the committee, composed of NCCD staff, will function moving forward.

NCCD's diversity and inclusion committeeOver the next several weeks, we will share information about NCCD’s efforts in the areas of diversity and inclusion along with committee members’ reflections on diversity and inclusion at NCCD, in their work, and in their lives. 

*Pictured at right: NCCD’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

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