NCCD and CRC Are Getting a New Name

NCCD and CRC Are Getting a New Name

November 11, 2020 | NCCD

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We want you to be the first to know: On December 1, the National Council on Crime and Delinquency and the NCCD Children’s Research Center will have a new name!

Why a new name? 

Because words matter. 

The scope of our work has grown significantly since our founding in 1907. Our current name also reflects language and ideas that can close doors to opportunity for people who become involved in our social systems. The name does not represent who we are: A people-focused nonprofit organization working to transform our social systems for the good of all. 

Whether you know us as NCCD or CRC, rest assured that our work to promote just and equitable social systems remains the same, and our commitment to our system partners and the people they serve is stronger than ever

After a year of strategic thinking, we have reached a name, voice, and vision that we feel proud to call our own. We’re excited to share it with you. See you on December 1!