Gender Equality Month & Trans Day of Visibility

Gender Equality Month & Trans Day of Visibility

March 27, 2023 | DEI Department

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Gender Equality Month

Commemorated every March, Gender Equality Month brings awareness to gender biases and challenges. Historically, gender inequality has been framed as a binary, but gender inequalities have effects across the gender spectrum. Gender Equality Month is an opportunity to notice and strategize on continued disruption of gender bias, discrimination, and inequity within personal views, laws, policies, institutions, and communities. Today, gender inequalities exist within career and compensation opportunities, particularly in technology, science, and financial industries; in marriage laws; and in healthcare. They also contribute to gender-based violence.   

International Transgender Day of Visibility

As we recognize Gender Equality Month, we also uplift International Transgender Day of Visibility (TDoV) on March 31. TDoV celebrates the contributions of the trans community and promotes the rights of individuals to live as their authentic selves every day in any space. While we have made progress, there is still a battle for transgender people to feel safe, included, free of discrimination, and free of violence. Violence against transgender individuals has risen, especially against transgender Black women.

Advocates Of the Community

Rachel Crandall-Crocker created Transgender Day of Visibility to encourage transgender individuals to embrace their happiness. In 2009, she organized a panel of people to celebrate outside of Detroit, Michigan, on March 31. Millions of people and organizations now recognize TDoV.  Thank you, Rachel, for your perseverance and advocacy, and for creating a narrative to celebrate transgender individuals and the community as a whole.    

Call To Action

History—and ongoing evidence—shows that women have been critical to advancing social justice and equal rights. They have also been at the frontline of racial and gender equality, not only for women, but for all people. As celebrations continue in the month of March, we stand in solidarity with all marginalized individuals who face gender inequality. By rising together to address challenges for all folks who are gender nonconforming and/or who identify differently from the sex that they were assigned at birth, we stand a better chance of creating a world that is more equitable, more inclusive, and more humane. 

Ways To Honor and Celebrate Gender Equality Month and Trans Day of Visibility


Understanding Transgender People, Gender Identity, and Gender Expression