Doing Better With Data: SafeMeasures® Can Help

Doing Better With Data: SafeMeasures® Can Help

May 19, 2021 | Evident Change

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Without an integrated case management system, a child welfare agency’s time and money go into data collection and reporting—and likely stop there. To help children and families achieve their greatest potential, agencies need high-quality data in a user-friendly interface that provides critical information on every child and case.

SafeMeasures® can help. A web-based reporting and analytics service, SafeMeasures provides tools for all staff, from frontline workers to administrators, to do their jobs well. It also helps agencies comply with federal reporting requirements when integrated with the Comprehensive Child Welfare Information System (CCWIS). When the CCWIS rule was finalized in 2016, states and other jurisdictions received the flexibility to innovate and improve their information management systems.

How is your agency faring? Are you collecting high-quality case management data that are analyzed and used to improve decision making? Can caseworkers see all the relevant information they need at each key decision point in every case? Is your system cost effective, directing limited resources toward programs and services that lead to better outcomes for your clients?

Evident Change partners with jurisdictions interested in establishing or maintaining SafeMeasures reporting as part of their CCWIS transition or development. We provide hands-on training for users and unlimited access to the analysis and support teams at Evident Change.

To embed SafeMeasures directly into your agency’s CCWIS user interface, Evident Change will:

  • Use URLs to direct users from specific CCWIS screens to SafeMeasures features;
  • Develop features to direct users from SafeMeasures to a source screen in CCWIS;
  • Support visual continuity across the systems;
  • Provide for menu- or report-level navigation between CCWIS and SafeMeasures;
  • Publish SafeMeasures analysis output into the data repository for additional analytics; and
  • Develop navigation that goes both ways between CCWIS and SafeMeasures.

Evident Change staff provide child welfare subject-matter expertise on workflow process and documentation, participate in project leadership and steering committee meetings, and advise on overall project strategy from a program and policy perspective. This allows your agency’s IT experts to focus on their direct responsibilities and agency staff to move beyond data collection for the sake of data collection.

Learn more about SafeMeasures on our website, or contact Stephanie Hillery, client relations associate for SafeMeasures.