No other reporting tool can offer everything that SafeMeasures provides for one flat fee. With SafeMeasures, agencies can trust that:

  • They are receiving the most robust reporting service available at a low cost
  • Their SafeMeasures will be customized to best meet the agency’s reporting needs
  • Their workers, supervisors, and management will have up-to-date, concise case information that best supports their work
  • Their workers, supervisors, and management are using a system designed for social workers—no technical or database knowledge required
  • Evident Change will remain committed to helping agencies better serve children and families.

How does SafeMeasures improve outcomes?

A key difference between SafeMeasures and other business intelligence (BI) tools is Evident Change’s comprehensive focus on improving outcomes for children and families. By giving everyone in an agency access to timely, actionable information, SafeMeasures offers a three-pronged approach to improvement.

  • Practice and outcomes may be monitored to provide accountability at all levels of the agency
  • Workers and supervisors can use SafeMeasures to identify and correct issues before they become problems that negatively impact outcomes
  • SafeMeasures provides dedicated tools that staff can use to prioritize work and meet deadlines.

How does SafeMeasures work?

SafeMeasures uses a nightly feed of agency case management data, uploaded to Evident Change’s systems via a secure, automated process. This data is processed using our highly tuned, state-of-the-art analytical system and integrated into the SafeMeasures data warehouse. Users then log into SafeMeasures to view dashboards, maps, KPIs, lists, and graphs that can be customized to best fit their needs.

Are my data secure?

Data security is and has always been our top priority. Your data is protected in multiple ways, whether en route to our servers, in our data warehouse, or in the SafeMeasures display system.

What does SafeMeasures cost?

Evident Change is a nonprofit organization, and SafeMeasures reflects a simple, comprehensive, nonprofit approach to pricing: a one-price subscription that covers all components of the SafeMeasures service. Cost is calculated by agency size, and there are no hidden license fees or charges.

A SafeMeasures subscription grants access to all agency staff. It also provides you with unlimited access to Evident Change’s acclaimed analysis and support staff, who handle the heavy lifting of data manipulation, hardware maintenance, help desk support, and more. This frees up your agency analysts and support staff—or dollars that would be spent to hire them—for other tasks.