Analytics Services

Evident Change’s analytics services are used by agencies committed to using data to drive and describe decision making at the organizational level. We combine data analysis expertise with extensive content knowledge to produce insights that will be impactful for your organization and your clients.

Our analytics services are:

Easy. Our services are easy to use. We can provide regular, periodic data management reports, special topics investigations, or ad hoc analysis. If you need something faster or bigger, let us know.

Economical. Improve outcomes in an extremely cost-effective way. Simply get set up with us, and use as much or as little of the services as you need.

Essential. When you have questions about the population you serve, the programs you run, or the objectives you must track, you need clear, actionable, and correct insights. Our analytics services allow you to target the right clients with the right programs at the right times to achieve the best goals. Evident Change’s analytics services provide insights into what you are doing, how well you are doing it, the impact you are making, and available opportunities for system improvement.