Steven Bandes

Data Analyst
Steven Bandes became a SafeMeasures data analyst in 2014. He previously worked as a software test engineer at Epic and as an English teacher in China's Zhejiang province. Steven earned his B...

Greg Clayton headshot

Greg Clayton

SafeMeasures® Programmer
Greg Clayton joined Evident Change in 2022 after receiving his master’s degree in public administration from Murray State University. Greg also holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology and cri...

Reekah Delfanian

Reekah Delfanian

Database Administrator
Reekah Delfanian is a graduate of the Milwaukee School of Engineering. He previously worked as a business intelligence developer with Epic Systems for three years and an application software...

Dan Feeney

Senior Solutions Architect
Dan Feeney has experience managing multiple database platforms, programming in procedural and object-oriented languages, and administering web applications that support agency activities. He...

Shane Fetters

Shane Fetters

Director of Information Technology and Systems
Shane Fetters joined Evident Change in 2017 as director of application development. Prior to this, he served as chief technical officer/director of engineering for iMedX, where he execu...

Casey Foshay

SafeMeasures Operations Manager
Casey Foshay manages the application support desk and SafeMeasures quality assurance departments. He is the liaison and point of contact for California and New Jersey SafeMeasures. Casey has...


Peter Gruett

Senior Programmer
Peter Gruett is a senior programmer with Evident Change's SafeMeasures team. He currently works primarily with data from the state of California. Peter specializes in analysis of Structured...

Gabrielle Harrington headshot

Gabrielle Harrington

SafeMeasures Programmer
Gabrielle is currently studying applied data science at the University of Michigan. She holds a bachelor’s degree in family studies and child development from Arizona State University. Her p...

Stephanie Hillery

Stephanie Hillery

Client Relations Associate
Stephanie Hillery joined Evident Change's SafeMeasures team at the start of 2019 after spending several years as a SafeMeasures “champion” and core team leader for the State of Tennesse...

Kayla Klugow

Kayla Klugow

Policy and Reporting Analyst
Kayla Klugow joined Evident Change as a policy and reporting analyst with the SafeMeasures team in August 2019. She previously worked as a support auditor and an operations program asso...