Angie Wolf

Angie Wolf

Chief Program Officer


Angie M. Wolf, PhD, oversees all of Evident Change’s work in justice and child welfare. She currently serves as co-monitor of the reform efforts in the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and has been a special consultant in US Department of Justice investigations. She has more than 20 years of experience in community-based program evaluation and public policy research and has directed research and program work on policing, community-based violence, children exposed to trauma, intimate partner violence, and best practices in justice programs.

Angie has extensive experience working to improve the practices of governmental justice and community-based agencies by bringing together law enforcement, child protective services, courts, elected officials, community members, content experts, and other stakeholders to conduct research and data collection to identify issues; building consensus on what reforms are necessary based on those findings; and implementing those changes and reforms while holding all stakeholders accountable to success. Angie managed the California Cities Gang Prevention Network, a network of mayors, police chiefs, and community groups from 13 cities committed to developing and implementing comprehensive, strategic plans that target gang and youth violence. With funding from OJJDP, she led the Girls and Gangs in California research project characterizing girls’ pathways to gang involvement across the state of California and identifying prevention and intervention strategies to reduce that involvement. She evaluated a comprehensive gang and youth violence reduction plan in Salinas, California—a site for the US justice and education departments’ National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention. With funding from the California Wellness Foundation and the City of Richmond, California, Angie evaluated a gun violence reduction and mentorship program for young men in Richmond.

Angie also directed several multisite state or national research and technical assistance efforts. She led the national evaluations of Parents Anonymous® and the National Resource Center on Children and Families of the Incarcerated; the Nationwide Human Service and Employment Study; and the National Evaluation of Community Assessment Centers.

Angie holds a BA in community psychology from Texas A&M and a MA and PhD in ecological-community psychology from Michigan State University. She has authored peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters, and other publications on juvenile offending, domestic violence, and the development of gender-specific research and services for girls and women involved with the juvenile and criminal justice systems.


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